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Saturday, 31 December 2011


In a particular kingdom, there existed this custom of the prince taking a wife before he inherits the throne of the father. After the death of the ruling king, the Prince was faced with the task of choosing a wife before his coronation as the next king. The Prince had to make it open for every young girl in the kingdom to exhibit her qualities and draw his attention. Several young girls started wearing sexy clothes to seduce the Prince but he was not moved.  Some began to wear wonderful hairstyles but the Prince was not moved. Others prepared delicious meals and presented them to the prince but he was not delighted. Every young girl made an attempt in several ways but the Prince was not moved not because he was very difficult to be pleased but because they did not know what exactly he so desired of a woman more so of a wife. Only one woman had a perfect knowledge of this. This woman was like the rest of women in the kingdom, while some valued her, others despised her. She was very dear to the Prince because of her glaring personality, but no one dared to consult her or win the Prince’s heart through her.

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Friday, 30 December 2011

Woman Lies Upside Down for Three Months to Avoid Miscarriage

Every so often in the pro-life world there are inspiring stories like this one that offer a vivid juxtaposition between the culture of death (abortion) and a culture of life whereby a mother goes well above and beyond the call of duty to protect her unborn children.

Donna Kelly had suffered from repeated miscarriages and was desperate to ensure, when she found out she was pregnant again, that her unborn baby had the highest possibility of surviving. Kelly, 29, suffers from a very weak cervix and was at high risk of losing her latest baby, but she decided to lie upside down at a 45 degree angle for three months to give her child the best survival odds possible.

India: 50,000 Girls Become Victims of Abortion Monthly

The ABC 20/20 news story is riveting — a revealing look at why there are so many fewer women than men in India.   Reporter Elizabeth Vargas traveled to India to bring this story of what is called “Gendercide” home to a stunned American audience.
 Here are the numbers:  An astonishing 50,000 girl babies are aborted each month.   One millions girl babies die every year.  Over 40 million girls have been killed through sex selection abortions, neglect or outright murder in the past decades.

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